apple-strudel-vodka Beachhutcook Hygge

Apple Strudel Vodka – Embracing Hygge

Never has the Danish term Hygge been more relevant as the weather turns colder by the day and our need to hunker down and embrace cosy jumpers and woolly blankets increases.  Hygge also covers the need of shelter and have the feeling of safety.  This has been all to evident for us as the beach hut was broken into again – twice in as many weeks. 


apple-strudel-vodka Beachhutcook Hygge

Getting upset and worrying about stuff like this is a waste of energy and is best dealt with by just getting on with it.  So we did.  We have to take the beach hut down for a few months over the winter as the tides come up too high and could batter the hut or even worse, wash it away!  So we usually store this over the winter but to keep our spirits up we are going to put it up in our garden which is a short walk away from it’s usual spot on the beach.

apple-strudel-vodka Beachhutcook Hygge

Clever hey?  I can have lots of firepit cooking, very late nights and we might even sleep in it!  I’m even planning to have our Christmas dinner in there.  This last idea hasn’t been fully embraced by our boys whose idea of Hygge involves electronic games and teeth tingling loud music. 

apple-strudel-vodka Beachhutcook Hygge

Apple Strudel Vodka

350ml vodka

2 apples (mix of cookers and/or eaters), sliced and cored

Half a stick of cinnamon or a generous pinch of ground cinnamon

Half a vanilla pod

3 tablespoons soft brown sugar


Pour the vodka into a sterlised large jar or bottle and add all the remaining ingredients and seal.

Give everything a good shake to dissolve the sugar.

Leave in a cool dark place for about 2 days, strain, and place in to a new clean sterilised bottle.


Delicious as part of a spice martini cocktail.


apple-strudel-vodka Beachhutcook Hygge


Apple Strudel Vodka by Beachhutcook. Getting your Hygge on.


  • Reply Chris @thinlyspread 23rd October 2016 at 8:55 am

    I’m so sorry to hear that you had a second break in 🙁 Hoorah for putting the Hut up int he garden though – I’m looking forward to seeing it all Hygged up for winter! This vodka is a perfect warmer, I shall be wrapping my hands around a mug full very soon!

    • Reply Elinor Hill aka Beach Hut Cook 23rd October 2016 at 3:16 pm

      I know, how rotten but we are all a little bit giddy about having the beach hut in the garden. We’ve been making lots of plans. The boys are thinking of having a “gathering” which is not technically a party but I think that’s just a way of softening us parents up! x

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