Summer’s End

Summer’s coming to an end and we’ve had a hell of a lot of fun.  We haven’t finished with summer yet as we have an action packed September to enjoy first but autumn is definitely sharpening its elbows as it nudging its way in.

To keep hold of summer for a little while longer, we take as many opportunities as we can to have sunset suppers down at the beach hut, not easy with a busy family.  Being down at the beach hut watching the waves and the colours of the sky as the sun starts to set grounds us and keeps us focused on family time.

Summer's End

With two ever hungry and thirsty boys, buying in large quantities is always a winner in our house so whenThe Juice sent me these large cartons of juice to try I was thrilled.  Not only can these bag-in-box type containers be kept at ambient temperature until opened (then refrigerate) but they have a dispensing tap on the side that is perfect for frequent users like our boys.  The party girl in me thought this would be ideal for catering for a large crowd and the even party-ier girl in me got to thinking of the cocktail making benefits!

We tried out this cocktail at the hut and it’s definitely going to be our party cocktail for some parties we have planned over the coming weeks.

Summer's End

We chose Chokeberry and Apple, which was deliciously fragrant and naturally sweet, no nasty extras.  Autumn if you taste like this, you are most welcome after all.

A Pink Kick

(serves 2)

1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger

150ml vodka

50ml Cointreau

100ml The Juice Chokeberry and Apple juice

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the ginger and then pour over the remaining ingredients.  Top the shaker with ice cubes and vigorously shake until you get condensation on the outside of the bottom part.  This is how you know the cocktail is fully chilled.

Strain and pour into glasses.

The very kind people of The Juice sent me samples to try.  The recipe and our enthusiastic thoughts on their deliciously natural product are our own.

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