Eat Natural Muesli Crumble Recipe by Beachhutcook

Eat Natural – Winners’ Food

As we slip into autumn from our hazy long summer, we start to get out those woolly jumpers and our favourite sandals sadly remain in the bottom on the wardrobe.  Don’t be sad, we’ve had a great summer of staying up late and endless excuses to have just one more day doing nothing but bask in the sunshine.  But now we have woody walks, warming hot chocolates and big hearty dinners to look forward to.  Also for us as a family, it’s the start of the Rugby season.  Our youngest plays for a local team, which means our Sundays, are fully booked right up until Easter.

Rugby players need a proper breakfast, filled with fibre and slow releasing energy foods so after being asked to take part in trying out part of the Eat Natural Muesli range, I put a bowl of Buckwheat Muesli in front of him.  “What’s that Mum?”  “That’s winner’s food.”  Even at 15 he still believes everything I say.  Bless him.  He ate it and liked it.  He even grabbed a handful from the packet as he went to find his rugby boots.

Eat Natural Breakfast. Beachhutcook

After a Rugby Sunday, we always have a big evening dinner as this brings us all together again especially if family members have been busy doing other things.  I love this time.  It’s why I love being a parent.  Feeding my family around the table while we chat and laugh is my world.  In that very moment.

So that we all could be winners, I added some muesli to a crumble topping.  This pudding is easy to make while dinner is cooking and ready to put into the oven while you are eating the main course.

As for winner’s food?  Too right.  By five trys.

Eat Natural Muesli Crumble Recipe by Beachhutcook

Autumn Crumble

(serves 6)

170g/6oz plain flour, with or without gluten

60g/2oz Gluten Free Eat Natural Buckwheat Muesli

115g/4oz Demerara sugar

115g/4oz butter, cut into small cubes bringing to room temperature

3 large cooking apples, peeled and chopped into large chunks

1 cup of blackberries, freshly picked or frozen work well.

Preheat oven to 180°C/Gas Mark 4/350F

Make the crumble topping by lightly mixing together the flour, muesli and sugar in a large bowl.  Then mix the butter into the flour mix by rubbing through your fingers incorporating all the dry ingredients with the butter but still leaving big clumps to give a crunchy topping.

Place apples and blackberries in a medium sized ovenproof dish and top quickly with the crumble topping to prevent the apples browning.

Any raisins from the muesli that might be sitting proud of the crumble mix, just push them down so they don’t catch on cooking.

Cook in oven for 35 minutes until golden brown and bubbling.  Leave to cool for a good 10 minutes and serve with custard or ice cream.

Eat Natural Muesli Crumble Recipe by Beachhutcook

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