Beachhutcook's Elderflower Gin and Other Flavours

Elderflower Gin and Other Flavours

Usually, as with wild garlic, I manage to miss these every year and get thoroughly miffed with myself.  There is really no excuse when it comes to elderflowers as I have a tree in my garden.  I’ve seen such gorgeous Instagram photos of recipes and decided to act swiftly before time ran out.  In fact, they are still flowering even now so all good.
We made Elderflower gin but you could easily use vodka.  We also made some raspberry and blueberry gin that is fantastically easy to make and looks so pretty when bottled up and as you will see looks even more gorgeous in the glass too.

Beachhutcook's Elderflower Gin and Other Flavours


Elderflower Gin
15-20 Elderflower heads
1 bottle of gin (doesn’t have to be the expensive type)
3 tablespoons sugar
Cut the flowers quite short, removing most of the stem and leave to one side for a few minutes to allow the bugs to scramble off.  Place in a large jar and pour over the gin.  Place on lid and swirl around until all the sugar has dissolved.
Allow to steep for 5-7 days and strain through a sieve then decant back into the original gin bottle.


Beachhutcook's Elderflower Gin and Other Flavours

Raspberry or Blueberry Gin
250g fresh fruit
1 x 750ml bottle gin
Place fruit and gin in a large clean jar and seal.  Allow to steep for a week, giving the jar a swirl every day or so.  Strain through a sieve and place back in original bottle.
All of the above are a wonderful with tonic or a base for a champagne cocktail by placing a splash in the bottom of a class of bubbly.



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