Beachhutcook's Spanish Seaside Supper with Clams

Spanish Seaside Supper – Clams

It’s hard to think of Autumn when the weather is so warm and the sun is shinning but you know it’s coming: kids back at school, blackberries growing wild everywhere and that Autumnal smell in the air first thing in the morning.  So, cook something from your holidays or something that makes you feel summery again just this last time before we embrace that new season fast approaching.

Beachhutcook's Spanish Seaside Supper with Clams

Spanish Seaside Supper (serves 2)

300g clams

200g chorizo, cut into small dice

1 and half tablespoons vermouth

sprinkle of parsley

Give your clams a wash by placing in a bowl of water; swirl them around and then drain.  While they are draining, cut up your chorizo and place a frying pan on a the fire or high heat.  Cook chorizo without oil for a couple of minutes until starting to brown.  If your pan is big enough, scoot the chorizo to one side, if not then take the chorizo out of the pan and set aside while you cook the clams.

Using the same pan, add the clams and let cook for a minute or so then add the chorizo back in.  after another minute add the vermouth and let this bubble for another minute.  Any clams that didn’t open should be thrown away at this point.  Add the parsley just before serving.

Pour into a bowl and mop up the soup like juices in the bottom.  This juice is rich and punchy and if you serve this dish from one bowl with two spoons and bread to share/fight over.

Beachhutcook's Spanish Seaside Supper with Clams

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