Cooking Outside. Corned Beef Hash by Beachhutcook

Cooking Outside. Corned Beef Hash

When we had a new woodburner fitted in our house, we decided to keep the old one and put it outside.  I had visions of family and friends sitting at big table outside with it burning away happily in the corner of the patio while we giggled and laughed out loud.  In fact as you will see, we ate off our laps huddled around the burner hypnotised into silence.

I found the secret to frying on the wood burner is to get the burner burning for a good hour so the top is deadly hot.  If you wanted to have something cooking long and slow then I think you may need something to defuse the heat – I’ll play with that another time.  I can’t wait.

Cooking Outside. Corned Beef Hash by Beachhutcook
Corned Beef Hash (serves 4)

1 large onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, crushed

500g new potatoes, cooked with skin one

1 tin of Corned Beef, chopped

3 tablespoons of oil

1 teaspoon mixed herbs

Place a large frying pan on top of the woodburner and get this scarily hot, this might take a few minutes.  Add the oil to the pan, this may seem a lot but you want a good sizzle.  Add the onions and cook until soft then add the garlic.

Chop up the potatoes into cubes and fry in the onion mixture until just starting to colour.  Add the chopped Corned Beef and continue cooking, giving it all good stir from time to time.  You want the hash to catch and turn crispy: this will give it a good flavour.

Serve straightaway with a good chutney or brown sauce.

A fried egg on top would finish it off and perhaps a Pale Ale.  In a glass.

Cooking Outside. Corned Beef Hash by Beachhutcook

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