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Vintage Afternoon Tea on the Beach

Beachhutcook's Vintage Afternoon Tea on the Beach

Summer is all about school fetes, cricket matches and days out to the beach, so wherever you pitch up this easy afternoon tea will hit the spot.  A selection of sandwiches served with a coffee cup-sized serving of soup on the side.  Afterwards serve scones, clotted cream and jams with a side of lusciously rich Lemon Possett and I’ve got a feeling you will feel refreshed and deliciously stated all at the same time. I…

Chestnut and Chocolate Pots with a Raspberry Puddle

a rich and decadent chocolate and chestnut mousse with a refreshing raspberry sauce.

Some days we just don’t make it to the beach hut because we have to have  at home days where jobs need to be done and last Saturday was one of those days. These type of days are a little win for me as my husband is not so keen on decorating jobs, he’d rather be at the beach hut.  (more…)

Family Times – Home Barbecue

Late afternoon sun, eating outside with my family is one of my favourite things.  I love it when we are all together for dinner.  Now our boys are getting bigger and bigger, it becomes harder and harder to always eat together but when it does happen, I am happy and relaxed.  To enjoy this moment more I often want a quick and easy dinner to make so I can enjoy the sitting down part of…

Botanical Gin Party with Canapes

Beachhutcook Botanica Gin Party and Canapes

Right, I’m not going to apologize – well OK yes I am.  I’ve mentioned several times on social media that we were having a gin tasting party and this post is about the second event.  First time I got a little too carried away and photo taking etc just didn’t happen. It barely happened second time round so to make up for lack of  party photos when reading this post think:  great company, twinkly fairy…