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A Visit to River Cottage

Beachhutcook's Review of River Cottage

When you’re asked to visit your favourite food people, what do you do?  Well I jumped (actually jumped) for joy.  I did an inane jig too.  You know the sort of thing. I was invited to River Cottage for the day with other food bloggers and writers by Foodies 100 and I couldn’t have been happier. (more…)

Botanical Gin Party with Canapes

Beachhutcook Botanica Gin Party and Canapes

Right, I’m not going to apologize – well OK yes I am.  I’ve mentioned several times on social media that we were having a gin tasting party and this post is about the second event.  First time I got a little too carried away and photo taking etc just didn’t happen. It barely happened second time round so to make up for lack of  party photos when reading this post think:  great company, twinkly fairy…

Woodland Picnic Part 2 – Buttermilk Fruit Cake

Buttermilk Fruit Cake. Woodland Picnic with Beachhutcook

Last time on Beach Hut Cook, I shared with you my take on a stress-free festive family gathering by taking the whole event outside and hosting a Winter Woodland Picnic.  So, here’s the final recipe - Buttermilk Fruit Cake. (more…)

Mocktails – Two of the Best

First Edition Mocktail by Beachhutcook

I know, I know cocktails without alcohol?  A rarity for me.  My darling husband really struggled with this concept.  He just didn’t get it.  It was as if I was speaking Martian.  However, I do feel that should you find yourself going to a party and having to be the designated driver or simply choosing not to drink alcohol, party drinks can be a bit of a bore at this time of year. I vividly…

Cocktail Time with a Raspberry Intense

Raspberry Intense Cocktail by Beachhutcook

You still can get raspberries at this time of year so before the real heavy stuff of autumn sets in, why not make this cocktail or dare I say it freeze the puree ready for Christmas cocktails?  There said it. (more…)

Jug Cocktails for a Party

Jug Cocktails for a Party by Beachhutcook

I was asked to provide cocktail recipes for Lime Venue Portfolio who will help you find the perfect meeting, party or conference venue in unique and unusual locations.  Who wouldn’t want to go to a Christmas party at the London Science Museum, or an exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery or a wedding reception at Grove House, London? I love a cocktail or two and if I’m planning a drinks party or having friends round for an…