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Hidden Chocolate Brownies

Beachhutcook's Hidden Chocolate Brownies

February is your gateway into spring; January we have to rid ourselves of the excesses of Christmas and then hold our breath while we wait for the credit card bill to come in. (more…)

Apple Strudel Vodka – Embracing Hygge

apple-strudel-vodka Beachhutcook Hygge

Never has the Danish term Hygge been more relevant as the weather turns colder by the day and our need to hunker down and embrace cosy jumpers and woolly blankets increases.  Hygge also covers the need of shelter and have the feeling of safety.  This has been all to evident for us as the beach hut was broken into again – twice in as many weeks.    Getting upset and worrying about stuff like this…

Feet Up, Glass of Wine and Fire On

After a busy day Christmas shopping, the last thing you want to do it cook a full on supper.  All you want is something easy, a glass of something very red or ice white, fire lit and something unbelievably trashy on the telly while you nurse your sore tootsies.  So here’s a really easy supper that hits all the right buttons. (more…)