How to do a Radio Interview

How to do a Radio Interview

First of all, congratulations on being asked or having the courage for planning on pitching your idea!

You will need to know if you are required to have your interview at the radio station or via an internet link such as Skype.  If it’s in person, then all the below applies but you will need to be extra prepared as you may have little room for your notes and it’s harder to hide your nervousness.  If it’s via Skype, then follow me:

  1. Understand fully what you are being interviewed about. For instance, I wrote a piece in a national UK magazine on local foods and eateries in my area plus I had to talk about having a beach hut and why I set up Beachhutcook.
  1. Make notes – on everything you featured in your article or the subject matter. Including any opening bio that you may have included on yourself.  Place these notes out in a long line so you can read them without having to noisily turn pages over.  Have the article or item you are discussing to hand.
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Lay your notes out for easy reading
  1. Ask who will be interviewing you and who else will appear on the show. Google them and find out a little about them. 
  1. Practice using your notes. Never wing it.  Practice again and again so you don’t give way too many “umms” before you speak.  Record yourself on your phone (horrid at first go but gets better) and say it out loud to a kindly faced member of the family or friend.  Really feel comfortable on your subject matter.
  1. If you are talking about an article you’ve written then add extra information that may not have been published. Gives depth and greater interest.
  1. Don’t talk too much, let the interviewer do their job. Don’t dominate the conversation especially if there’s another guest involved.
  1. Don’t interrupt the interviewer or other guests. Allow the interview to flow and wait for your prompt/intro.
  1. If you are promoting something or yourself, make sure you’ve mentioned it and included any links to your website/business or publication. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity for free self-promotion!
  1. Practice again and again so that you feel happy and confident about your subject. Smile and be happy.  It will come through in your voice.
  1. Once done, get a recording or download link so you can social media the life out of your experience!
Beachhutcook How to do a Radio Interview1
Sit back and relax!
How to do a radio interview by Beachhutcook. Original photo by Unspash
original photo courtesy of Jonathan Velasquez via Unsplash

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