Coffee and Orange Liqueur

Christmas is  around the corner and if your house is party central or you just want to stash away some special somethings for the Christmas cupboard then here’s a liqueur that you can make now and will be ready in time for the big day or the other one the week later.  You’ll just about have enough time but there’s not hanging about.  

This recipe is a version of Niki Segnit’s from her book The Flavour Thesaurus which is fantastic book on marrying flavours together.  It’s a wordy book but her style is funny, informative and feeds you as you read.  I love it and if I received this as a Christmas present, I would be happy and would hug the person who gave it to me.

 Coffee and Orange Liqueur

My 44

44 coffee beans

1 large orange

125g soft light brown sugar

500ml golden rum

Stud the orange with the coffee beans all over and set aside while you prep the rum base.

 Coffee and Orange Liqueur

Add the sugar to a large sealable jar and pour over the rum, swirl around until dissolved and then add the coffee studded orange.  Seal and place in cool dark cupboard and leave undisturbed for about 44 days (or just under 30 will be fine).

Remove the orange and squeeze out the juice and coffee beans into the rum jar, strain and strain again through muslin or coffee filters into a sterilised bottle.

The flavours will continue to mellow in the bottle if you leave it for a further month but you can just go for it and start now.

This is unreal in coffee topped with whipped cream and served alongside something utterly Christmassy like a proper homemade Mince Pie.

Coffee and Orange Liqueur

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