The Ultimate Raspberry Daiquiri Recipe

The Ultimate Raspberry Daiquiri Recipe

Some people find whale music soothing or even panpipes but for me one of the most soothing sounds is ice crashing around in a cocktail shaker as its thoroughly shaken.  Of course, our kids laughing and the sound of waves lapping the shore in front of our beach hut are priority number one sounds but it’s that decadent moment that you have allowed for yourself to indulge in a face numbing cocktail that is pure gold.

My husband makes a mean cocktail and often by eye but he has been working on this one with the utmost accuracy over the summer and I can now safely say this is indeed the ultimate Raspberry Daiquiri.

I’m not saying you can drink these everyday all day.  Just the one.  On a Tuesday because Tuesdays are special as are Wednesdays.

Beachhutcook's Ultimate Raspberry Daiquiri Recipe

Ultimate Raspberry Daiquiri

(makes 2)

12 fresh raspberries (tried with frozen – didn’t work, forget it)

2 teaspoon sugar syrup

70ml golden rum

15ml Chambord or other raspberry liqueur

50ml freshly squeezed lime juice

ice cubes

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the fruit (squish about lots) then add the remaining ingredients and place the strainer and lid on the shaker beaker (bottom bit) and shake vigorously for a minute.

The shaker beaker should develop a fine layer of condensation on the outside; this means the drink is thoroughly chilled inside.  Remove the top lid and strain into freezer fresh glasses.

Drink immediately.

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