Beachhutcook's Mulled Cider Ingredients with The Juice's apple juice

Mulled Cider

We love cooking something outside either at the beach hut or on a woody walk; it puts a stamp of approval on the end of the day so you can sit and chat or lift your mood if you’re cold and feeling a bit tired.

We recently bought a fab kit from Pedlars Vintage who sell an amazing array of vintage and preloved items that make you get your credit card out before you clicked “page-down”.  I know you will hate me for sharing this site with you.  The stove kit we bought is in fact an old Swiss Army kit and can be heated using burners and boy can it heat up quickly!  I love it and can’t wait to use it on many a festival, walking trip and beach/garden feast as it folds up within itself, perfect for camping and hikes.

Pedlar's Vintage Swiss Army Stove Kit

Pedlar's Vintage Swiss Army Stove Kit

Cooking with this stove kit was a great way of hooking up with The Juice who sent me samples of their fabulously family-sized cartons to try.  We’ve make cocktails with these juices before and have slurped our way through the flavours but my favourite use of them by far is this warming autumn treat of a spiced cider recipe.

I love a warm cocktail especially on Halloween or Bonfire’s Night, how do you have your mulled cider/wine?

Pedlar's Vintage Swiss Army Stove Kit

Pedlar's Vintage Swiss Army Stove Kit

Mulled Cider

(makes 8 teacups)

350ml The Juice Sweet Apple Juice

750ml good quality English Cider

1 dried bay leaf

Thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, sliced

1 stick cinnamon

½ teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

1 cardamom pod, split

Please all the ingredients in a large saucepan and slowly bring to a boil, turn down immediately and keep at a very low heat for about 3 minutes.  Serve immediately into cups and sup.

You can have a non-alcoholic version by increasing the apple juice in place of the cider.

Beachhutcook's mulled cider with The Juice's sweet apple juiceM

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