Campsite Supper and Cocktails

I nearly didn’t share this with you but I saw that I added this recipe on a Buzz Feed link about Campfire food some time ago and thought that’s what we will have at the beach hut tonight.  

I cook something like this a lot at home when the cupboards are bare or when we’ve been out all day and just want something quick to eat.  And of course, it’s great when you’ve pitched your tent and it’s too late to go to the shops/you’re tired/everyone is getting hangry ….. you get me on this.

Anyway, whichever way and for whatever reason you cook it – it’s easy and tasty.  And once the tent is up and dinner is cooked – get one of your fellow campers to concentrate on making these heaven-sent cocktails and life will be pretty much perfect.

Campsite Supper

Campsite Supper

(serves 4)

1 x 500g packet of pasta

1 x 400g jar of good quality pasta sauce (this is the crucial bit)

Salami, chorizo or kabanos sausage (anything sold at room temperature therefore doesn’t need cooking)

Peas, tomatoes or olives – any veg you want to bulk out the meal

Parmesan, grated

Cook pasta to instructions adding the peas if using about 3 minutes before the end, drain.  Meanwhile in a separate pan, warm the pasta sauce along with the chopped sausage so the flavours can get to know each other.  Add to the drained pasta along with any other additional vegetables you might have chosen and serve with lots of grated Parmesan over.

Campsite Supper

 If you don’t have a cocktail shaker don’t worry a large glass jar with a screw cap will do.

Raspberry Daiquiris

(serves 2)

40ml golden rum

30ml lime juice

6-8 fresh raspberries

Dash of sugar syrup

Ice cubes

Pulp the raspberries in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and then place the rest of ingredients on top including a handful of ice cubes.  Place the lid, shake vigorously, and pour through a strainer in chilled glasses.

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