Dirty Caper Anyone? Beachhutcook's Cocktail

Dirty Caper Anyone?

Who doesn’t love a bank holiday weekend?  An extra day off to be together and behave as if Sunday is a Saturday.  We spent our long weekend doing nothing but sitting and relaxing at the beach hut.  Sure, there were jobs to do back at home, chores to be carried out but the call of the sea was greater.

My sister loves a Dirty Martini but having already made several of these down the beach hut already this season, I wanted to come up with a different version.  So after cooking with some capers after few days prior to the weekend I thought Bingo!  Got it!  So here it is a version of a Dirty Martini now suitably called a Dirty Caper.

Dirty Caper Anyone? Beachhutcook's Cocktail

A Dirty Caper

(serves 1)

Brine from the jar of capers

60ml gin

5ml Dry vermouth

Ice cubes

Capers and olives to garnish

Pour some of the brine into a glass, swirl around giving the glass a good coating, and then pour away.

In a cocktail shaker, place the vodka, vermouth and ice cubes and shake vigorously together until the outside of the shaker feels cold.  Strain and pour into the prepared glasses.  Garnish with capers and olives and drink immediately.

Give it a go.

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