First Edition Mocktail by Beachhutcook

Mocktails – Two of the Best

I know, I know cocktails without alcohol?  A rarity for me.  My darling husband really struggled with this concept.  He just didn’t get it.  It was as if I was speaking Martian.  However, I do feel that should you find yourself going to a party and having to be the designated driver or simply choosing not to drink alcohol, party drinks can be a bit of a bore at this time of year.

I vividly recall some years ago attending a Christmas party whilst heavily pregnant with our youngest teen and being subjected to that question “ooh not sure what soft drinks we have …” and begrudgingly accepting the only non-alcoholic drink available which was a nuclear orange cordial that was made to a three year old’s strength when Mum and Dad aren’t looking.  Served in a pint glass – with a handle.

Festive mocktails need to be sharp, fresh and clean-tasting not the sickly sweet thick types which leave you feeling bloated and longing to head home.  You want your mocktail to taste delicious and zingy which is exactly how you feel when you wake up in the following morning unlike your fellow partygoers who will be filled with Antacid, regret and vivid flashbacks.First Edition Mocktail by Beachhutcook

First Edition (serves 1)

Handful of crushed ice

1 star anise

2 strips of lemon zest

Dash of Angostura Bitters

Soda water

Some grated whole nutmeg

In a long glass, place a handful of crushed ice and start adding all the other ingredients then finally top up with soda water and stir.  Finish with a grating of whole nutmeg.

First Edition Mocktail by Beachhutcook


Persian Rose (serves 1)

1 cardamom pod, split

1 teaspoon rose syrup

Squeeze from half a lime

Handful of crushed ice

Tonic water

Fresh rose petals, if available

In the bottom of a long glass, place the cardamom, rose syrup and lime juice and muddle together.  Add ice, stir and top up with tonic water.  Serve with rose petals over top if you have them.

Persian Rose Mocktail by Beachhutcook

For Non Abstainers: Should you wish to add a measure or two of freezer-fresh gin or vodka to either of these, then do so and let the flashbacks begin.


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