Clam and Chorizo Stew. Best Beach Lunch Part One

Best Beach Lunch Part One – Clam and Chorizo Stew

A couple of weekends ago we invited good friends of ours down to the beach hut for the day.  We’ve known each other since our eldest teens were at toddler group together and since then we’ve been to lots of family woody walks and music festivals together.

Our kids, all now teens, had other things planned leaving it just us adults meeting up.  Funny how life goes, when your kids are tiny, you long for moments of grown up time without them but as they transform into mini adults it’s their company and involvement that you long for.  I adore my teens and when they are on party form, they make my day/night.

Those of you with teens will hear me and get me on this.  We have only moments of their time but a long as I get that loveyoumumgottogo *kiss on top of head/cuddle* seeyoulaterbye – then I’m good.  We usually regroup later that day and it’s just US again.Best Beach Lunch - Lemon Blossom Cocktail

So I cooked a dish that I felt not all of our teens would embrace.  Most would but when catering for a group, you go for a crowd pleaser.  Anyway, I cooked something a little different and here it is:

Clam and Chorizo Stew. Best Beach Lunch Part OneClam and Chorizo Stew

(serves 4)

1 tbsp oil

1 large onion, peeled and finely chopped

1 large carrot, finely chopped

1 stick celery, finely chopped

3 garlic cloves, crushed

300g chorizo, chopped small

1 jar pasta sauce

Salt and pepper

1 tsp dried oregano

Good pinch of sugar

1kg clams

1 large glass of dry white wine

Fresh parsley, chopped

Heat a large saucepan and add oil then fry the onion, carrot and celery for a good 5 minutes and then add the garlic and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes until softened but not browned.  Add the chorizo and give the mixture a good stir.  Cook for a couple of minutes to allow the chorizo oil to introduce itself to the onions etc and then add the pasta sauce, salt, pepper, oregano and sugar.  Allow this to cook for 20 minutes.

In a separate saucepan bring the wine to a boil, add the clams, cook for 4 minutes, and if any haven’t opened, discard them.  Take off the heat and remove about less than half the shells and pour the cooking liquid and cooked clams into the tomato sauce and cook for a couple of minutes until all warmed through.  Scatter over the fresh parsley.

Serve with chunky, crispy bread so you can get every last bit of it.

Coming up next time … Best Beach Lunch Part Two – the cocktail. 

Clam and Chorizo Stew. Best Beach Lunch Part One

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