Ultra Hot Chocolate on the beach by Beachhutcook

Ultra Hot Chocolate

Our youngest teen took part in the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge but chose a cancer charity to donate to instead of ASL; mainly because we lost my Mum to cancer and my sister has leukemia.  My sister continues to work full time, has three kids on her own and battles on regardless of having an incurable illness.  I think she’s rather brilliant but she will be really big-sister-cross with me for mentioning her.  For those of you that have a big sister know this is really scary.

We did the challenge at the beach hut using seawater although not ice cold but certainly cold enough to make your heart leap into your mouth and speak in a voice several octaves higher than you would normally speak.

Ice Bucket Challenge on the Beach. Beachhutcook

So to warm him up afterwards I made hot chocolate so thick you could stand a spoon up in.  I warn you it’s quite sweet but then you can always serve in espresso cups and have hot shots instead of big hand warming sized mugs.

Ultra Hot Chocolate on the beach by Beachhutcook

Ultra Hot Chocolate (makes 2 big mugs or 6 shots)

150g marshmallow – the big ones only

100g 70% cocoa plain chocolate, chopped

750ml milk

Place all the ingredients in a large saucepan and slowly bring to just below boiling whisking all the time.

I find the big marshmallows work the best and the super dark chocolate helps keep the sweetness levels below hyperglycemia territory.

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