Father's Day and a Sit Down Trifle by Beachhutcook

Father’s Day and a Sit Down Trifle

A full on big roast beef dinner, that’s what the father in our house asked for today; with a proper pudding.  I can do that.  A day planned with sailing in the morning, darts match at home and beach hut visit in the afternoon – sounds good to me.  Perfect Fathers’ Day.

The wrong type of wind (as we call it) didn’t allow for sailing but the darts match was a 4 game win for my husband.  We love a family game of darts and I can’t understand why schools don’t use it as a stealth way to get kids to do mental maths.

A quick trip to the beach hut and a stone throwing game on the beach and we had one happy Dad in this house.

Father's Day and a Sit Down Trifle by Beachhutcook
Our youngest decorated the trifle and the eldest was on table laying duty.  Music blaring and lots of dancing – everyday should be Fathers’ Day.

I hope you got time to show love to the fathers in your life today.  It’s a tough role being a chap, we want them to be big and strong AND soft and caring all at the same time.  I can say with huge pride that my husband wins gold for that and double gold for showing our boys how to grow into the men they will become.  Big love.

Sit Down Trifle (serves loads)

My mum would make this often for Sunday lunch and afterwards my dad would have to have a lie down as she was somewhat liberal with the sherry sprinkling.  My boys aren’t so keen so I only sprinkle sherry on one half.

2 shop bought Madeira cakes, cubed

Sherry to taste sprinkled over

4 tablespoons of good quality strawberry conserve, heated

Fresh strawberries, cut into halves

2 cartons ready made fresh custard

400ml double cream, whipped with 1 tsp vanilla essence

Fresh strawberries and raspberries to decorate

Starting with the cake, layer up with sherry sprinkled over.  Add heated conserve over cake and continue to layer with fresh strawberries, custard and then the cream.  Decorate with fresh fruit.  Place in fridge until needed.  Those who had the un-sherry side can wash up.

Father's Day and a Sit Down Trifle by Beachhutcook

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